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Testimonials for Doggy Dtails

Kato and Chloe

We've worked with Jenn Cull, founder of Doggy D Tails, since we adopted our two Carin Terriers in 2001. During that time she has not only provided pet and house sitting services, she has helped us to train our dogs so that we enjoy each others' company more and more over time.

A hallmark of Jenn's approach is not just to train the dogs but to"train" us to work with the dogs so that we are not reliant on her. Her expertise combined with cheerful patience gave us tools and confidence to correct behaviors such as storming the door.

One of our dogs was highly reactive to other dogs and Jenn has been particularly effective in working with her and showing us how to consistently build Kato's confidence and comfort around other dogs. When we first adopted our terriers, both were chargers and nervous and made the walk an exhausting exercises. Jenn walked with us a few times and showed us the when and how to use positive reinforcement to get the dogs to focus on us. It's been three years and the whole neighborhood still comments on the difference in their behavior over their first six months with us.

The great thing about working with Jenn over time with both dog sitting and training is that she has come to know us and our dogs and provides a bonus from time to time, identifying little ways to build on the positive foundation. We came back from one trip recently to find Kato, who used to squirm and bark when we prepared for a walk, sitting and waiting for her leash and then quietly going to the door. Our job has been to make sure we don't ruin it!

We endorse Jenn's services with happy confidence of clients who have never been disappointed.
Betsy and Ed M.

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Jenn and her team at Doggy D Tails have been taking care of Max for over a year now. They walk him daily during the week and they have stayed overnight with him at my place when I've gone out of town. Jenn will also offer to take Max on special outings sometimes so that he can interact with other dogs, get more exercise or sunshine, or just be out and about with Jenn. She gives me updates on how things are going with Max and will make helpful suggestions if she notices anything about his behavior.

I have a great deal of confidence in Jenn's judgment, experience, and capability to care for and train dogs. I also attended the Doggy D Tails' beginner training classes and it allowed Max and me the chance to learn some basic behaviors/training techniques. It also improved Max's ability to interact with other dogs while he is on-leash. Max used to run around when I would get the leash out and I would have to chase him to put the leash on to take him for a walk. Now when he sees the leash he sits by the door excitedly waiting for me to put it on.

The difference in Max has been amazing! I am gone from my house sometimes 12 hours a day and before Doggy D Tails, I could see how the lack of interaction and exercise impacted him. Now I come home to a happy, content dog who is often tired from his activities throughout the day! Thanks to Jenn and her team, I can work a full-day, go on vacation, and know that Max is getting exercise, special attention, and care!



Jenn gave us the peace of mind by training and calming our high energy German Shepherd Dog. We're now more comfortable with puppy around our baby, we feel absolutely comfortable with puppy being watched by Jen and her team when we need to leave town for a few days, and finally, the built in training that comes with her services is something that is unique to other trainers that we had interviewed. We recommend her frequently.
Craig and Tami R.


Choo Choo can't take it anymore. 

"Last day....

of sleeping on the cool glass table in

the living room! Trainer's here."

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