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Dog TV

Jenn started working on DOGTV in the fall of 2011.  She was the on set dog trainer for DOGTV filming in San Diego.  DOGTV is a wonderful concept that provides three types of content for dogs to watch; relaxation, stimulation, and exposure.  To find more about DOGTV go to the Click Below.  Stay tuned to Doggy D Tails to find out more information about casting calls and filming in San Diego to make your dog famous. Unlike their human counter parts, a doggie star still would rather run than take a limo to the premiere!

DogTv logo- the first Dog Channel


Animal Behavioral College - ABC

Student Mentor to be Admired

Jenn has been a mentor for students attending the Animal Behavior College, ABC since 2009.  She mentors students who are going through the program to obtain a degree in dog training.  Jenn takes in 2-3 students regularly during each of her group classes.  She thoroughly enjoys being a part of these student’s education and studies.  She is very proud to teach students how to train dogs of all ages and breeds through positive reinforcement methods.

Good Citizen Canine Evaluator

Since 2008

​Jenn has been a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, CGC for the American Kennel Club since January of 2008.

First and foremost she teaches pet owners how to train their dog to be a good citizen through positive reinforcement methods. Jenn does this through group classes or private instruction. Once the owner and dog's training is complete she evaluates the dog through a 10 step test.


Dog TV - Star Flyer

Since 2012

​Jenn Cull of Doggie D Tails was featured on the DOGTV flyer "Star in the Making". Watch for upcoming features about Jenn's superior canine services and more. Jenn loves dogs and animals, she has made her mark as the new "dog whisperer" of her generation. 


San Diego Humane Society​  • Annual Walk for Animals

For the past 5 years Doggy D Tails has participated in the Annual Walk for Animals held in the spring at Crown Point Shores. The event is sponsored by the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA. Its purpose is to spread awareness of the San Diego Humane Society's programs and services, and for supporting its mission. Over $300,000 was raised.

​Doggy D Tails team includes the ladies of DDT, friends, family, clients and their friendly dogs. With the support of the team members and all the generous donations from everyone DDT has raised over $4000 over the past 3 years! Each year Doggy D Tails team grows bigger and the money we raise increases. The team members work diligently and enjoy a the beautiful day on the bay with their furry friends.

​We look forward to the future and hope you will consider sponsoring Doggy D Tails. Please contact Jenn if you are interested in joining our fundraising team or donating a tax free contribution to the San Diego Humane Society. Thank you for your support and continued trust in Doggy D Tails.






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