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About Jenn Cull 


Jenn Cull is a certified professional animal trainer. She graduated from The University of Massachusetts with a degree in Psychology. Jenn then furthered her education at Moorpark College in California where she earned her degrees in Exotic Animal Behavior/Management and Wildlife Education. Participating in all aspects at the Moor Park Teaching Zoo in Moorpark was extremely advantageous in developing the skills other pet care services do not have.

Focused on the  many aspects of animal care and management, Jenn trained a variety of exotic animals including hyenas, birds, monkeys, and porcupine to name a few. Also, Jenn currently trains sea lions and dolphins in San Diego, CA where she works for the Navy Marine Mammal Program for 15 years. She is also a Mentor for The Animal Behavior College and has received a Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator from The American Kennel Club.

Jenn has trained and certified her two dogs Nina and Mojo to be therapy dogs.  In August they joined Therapy Dog International of San Diego.  Nina a golden lab and Mojo a boxer now go out into the community  bringing cheer to hospitals and reading to children to help with illiteracy.  Nina and Mojo’s wagging tails bring a smile to many faces.  Please contact Jenn for more information about certifying your dog to be a Therapy dog.

Jenn is also the resident Dog Trainer at the Fido Country Club in Hillcrest.  Jenn holds all types of group classes here from Basic Obedience to Trick, and CGC Preparation Classes.  At the doggy day care Jenn does private training and behavior modification for its’ members.

Our Vision

“To help as many pet owners as possible develop and maintain loving healthy relationships with their pets."

"If everyone treated each other the way they treat their pet, there would be world peace."

"Teaching an old dog new tricks is my specialty."

Jenn Cull: Doggy D Tails, Owner


Doggy D Tails....more than dogs.

Navy Marine Mammal Program


Jenn Cull's diverse experience has been applicable with animal training across the board. Working with sea lions, seals, dolphins, and more, Jenn is more than a dog whisperer. She has a unique energy that translates to animals in a very special way.

Yes, Kitties too!

Teaching different species to get along or pet sitting over family vacations is a specialty of Doggy D Tails. Birds, cats, and yes, reptiles are on the list of Doggy D Tails clientele. Saint Bernard with ADD, no problem for Jenn Cull of Doggy D Tails, she welcomes a challenge with open paws.

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